Retainers After Braces: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you about to get your braces off? Are you looking to keep your teeth nice and straight?

Well, have you looked into wearing a retainer regularly?

We’ve got the top tips on wearing retainers after braces.

Different Types of Retainers
First, you’ll have to figure out what type of retainer you’ll be using. Bonded retainers are ones that are affixed to your teeth, so you won’t have to worry about removing them from your mouth. These are usually placed at the back of the bottom front teeth, hidden from sight.

Wired retainers, otherwise known as Hawley retainers, are the ones you typically think of when you think of retainers. They can be removed from your mouth easily.

Clear plastic retainers are ones made of, well, clear plastic, which can also be removed. These retainers are less obvious than metal retainers.

Taking Care of a Retainer

When wearing a retainer, it’s important to clean it often to prevent any other dental hygiene problems. How you clean your retainer will depend on what type of retainer you have, but there are a few basic rules to keep in mind.

If cleaning a removable retainer, make sure that you clean it as soon as you remove it from your mouth so that any bacteria doesn’t have time to dry. You should be cleaning your retainer with a toothbrush and toothpaste every time you brush your teeth, and give it a more in-depth clean a few times a week.

Depending on the type of retainer you have, you may be able to soak it in a denture cleaning solution to ensure that you get every nook and cranny.

While you’re at it, make sure you continue getting regular dental treatment. Making sure you have regular cleanings, and watching out for possible problems like cavities or gum disease, are an important part of maintaining the health of your teeth.

If you have a removable retainer, make sure that you’re taking it out to eat. Eating with your retainer can cause the retainer to warp or break and stain the material. When using the clear plastic retainers, it is best to avoid using any type of heat/warmth when cleaning them- they can warp the device which means they won’t fit your teeth properly anymore.

How Long Do You Wear a Retainer?

How long you’ll wear your retainer for after braces will depend on your dentist’s recommendation. It ultimately depends on the shape your teeth were in in the first place. Some people keep wearing their retainer for their whole lives!

Usually, people wear removable retainers all the time for the first six months after they get their braces off. Eventually, you’ll be able to drop down to only wearing your retainer at night, which can be less annoying than everyday wear. Teeth can move significantly after orthodontic treatment, wearing a retainer nightly is usually the best way to keep their great alignment for life.

But, it’s super important to make sure that you follow your dentist’s recommendation for retainer wear. Your dentist is the professional, after all!

Retainers After Braces? It’s a Breeze

Clearly, wearing retainers after braces can be a great tool for maintaining your brand new smile.

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