home About The Bondi Dentists

The Bondi Dentists are committed to providing quality and appropriate dental treatment for
the community. Principal dentist Dr Michelle Ever Juan has more than 12 years experience in
general dentistry. She is committed to comprehensive dentistry covering all aspects from general
and cosmetic to complex restorative dental treatment.

Our dental hygienist, Elizabeth Raikes, has the knowledge and expertise required to perfectly
manage and maintain our patient’s teeth and gums. Her main focus is prevention, preservation and
longevity through in-chair hygiene procedures and patient education.

We impart information to our patients regarding disease prevention and the benefits of maintaining
optimal oral health. We always do our best to provide a caring environment, effective communication
and excellence in our work, in order to improve your long term quality of life.

We are proud to offer superior dental care using scientifically proven treatment methods with the
highest quality materials.

The delivery of your care will be based on thorough diagnosis of your dental and emotional needs
to help you to achieve the best possible long-term clinical result and maximum satisfaction from
your dental treatment.