Parents: Teaching Teeth Brushing Habits to Kids

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Did you know that some babies can get their first tooth as early as three months old?

Taking care of your baby’s oral hygiene is crucial for their overall well-being. Once they’re old enough, you need to teach them how to take care of their teeth so they can be healthy their whole life.

Are you wondering how you can teach good teeth brushing habits to your child? Continue reading our guide to collect our top tips so your family can have great oral health.

Guide Them Until They Can Brush Their Teeth on Their own

Every child develops at their own pace, so you’ll need to brush your child’s teeth until they’re ready to give it a try. Creating a routine will help your child feel comfortable around a toothbrush.

You can even explain to them what steps you’re taking so they’ll feel like they’re participating as well. Check in with your child every now and then as they get older to see if they feel confident to start using a toothbrush.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene Habits Together

Once your child is old enough to brush their own teeth, you should still be in the bathroom with them to supervise. Instead of looming over them and making them feel intimidated, you should be casual and brush your teeth together.

They can watch how you clean your teeth and look forward to doing this routine as a pair. When you show them how important good oral hygiene is by being an example, they’ll want to mimic you.

Let Them Pick Out a Good Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Who says that brushing your teeth has to be a boring chore? You can get your child more excited about their routine when you let them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste.

Remember to avoid fluoridated toothpastes for young children since they are prone to swallowing it instead of spitting the excess after brushing. It is usually best to check if your child has developed this control before starting fluoridated toothpastes, it commonly occurs at around 7 years.

With so many fun colours and flavours to choose from, they’ll have no trouble finding their new favourite.

Correct and Encourage Your Child When They Brush Their Teeth

As it turns out, even lots of adults don’t know the proper brushing techniques. You should hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and move the brush on all sides of the teeth in short circular strokes.

Gently correct your child when you notice mistakes and cheer them on when they do an amazing job.

Take Your Child to a Nice Dentist

Going to the dentist at least twice a year works wonders for your oral health. It’s important to do your research so you can bring your child to a dentist who is kind and patient.

A slow but early introduction to a dental visit is very useful: consider taking your 2-4 year old to a dental office for a show and tell visit, with no treatment planned but with a friendly introduction to the environment and the kind staff members. Doing this a few times before your child’s first official visit for a routine examination will greatly help with  their compliance and a pleasant dental experience for all.