World Oral Health Day (WOHD): A Look at the New Three-Year Campaign Theme

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Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are responsible for 89% of deaths in Australia. These chronic conditions are one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. They have also been linked to oral diseases, which affect over 3.5 billion people globally.

A greater focus on oral health could help improve future statistics. This year, World Oral Health Day (WOHD) provided the perfect opportunity. It marked the start of a three-year campaign to create greater awareness of the importance of good dental hygiene.

Read on to learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved to improve your overall health.

What Is World Oral Health Day?

World Oral Health Day was launched on September 12, 2007, by the FDI World Dental Federation. It would have been a double celebration, as it was also the birthdate of FDI’s founder. However, it was later changed and is now observed on March 20, annually.

The FDI is the largest organisation that represents dental professionals worldwide. Its mission is to highlight the importance of dental care.

Proper dental care plays a key role in preventing, treating and controlling oral diseases. WOHD is one of the many platforms the FDI uses to showcase this.

The day’s observances became even more significant this year. The FDI took a different approach with the launch of their new campaign. This year focused on the link between oral health and general health.

The movie-inspired campaign includes a new theme, mascot and interactive elements. All aimed at encouraging everyone to care for their mouths. The underlying message is that doing this can help protect their overall health.

Highlighting the Importance of Dental Hygiene

The WOHD campaign centres around the new theme, “A Happy Mouth is…”. There will be a new focus area each year that will ultimately complete the sentence. In 2024, “A Happy Mouth is a Happy Body” and the WOHD mascot, Toothie, ably provides the tools to achieve this.

The world met Toothie, a cuddly beaver in a one-minute introductory movie. He quickly became a viral sensation leading up to March 20 as he encouraged everyone to join the Brush and Boogie movement.

Participating involved taking a photo or creating a video of brushing your teeth. It’s a simple task that everyone easily achieves every day. However, Toothie’s version included another element.

You needed to boogie to your favourite song and then challenge friends to join the movement. It ensured everyone completed this two-minute routine that’s so important for good oral health. You can do the same.

Although WOHD has passed, you can still have a happy mouth at the start and end of every day. You can also help the FDI continue to spread awareness by sharing the Brush and Boogie Fact sheet.

Practicing Good Oral Health Every Day

World Oral Health Day is a great reminder of the importance of good dental hygiene. This year, the FDI is emphasizing practising good oral health every day. Doing this can improve your overall well-being.

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