Why Sharing Medical History With Your Dentist Is in Your Best Interest

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Medications can create a drier mouth environment by reducing your saliva flow: this is especially true for people who are taking more than two medicines per day.  It’s important to discuss your medications with your dentist since Dry Mouth increases the risk of cavities and gum disease. Early identification is best and appropriate management of a dry mouth condition can be provided once your dentist is aware of the medications you are taking.

Sharing Medical History with Your Dentist

Dental visit preparation can make the experience smoother and more effective. Start by gathering all relevant medical information and talking to your dentist.

Make a list of any medications you’re currently taking, including dosage and frequency. You should also be sure to note any recent surgeries or hospitalisations.

If you have any chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, include these in your list. Write down any allergies you have, especially those related to medications or materials commonly used in dental treatments. Bringing this information to your dental visit ensures your dentist has a complete picture of your health.

It’s also helpful to note any recent changes in your health. Even minor changes can be relevant to your dental care.

If you’ve noticed any new symptoms or started a new medication, let your dentist know. This information helps them tailor their approach to your specific needs.

Giving Your Dentist Medical Information

Having a medical history discussion with your dentist is essential for a safe and effective dental visit. Understanding the connection between your medical history and dental visit can lead to better care, quicker recovery, and improved overall health.

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