Nervous About Dental Work? Sedation Dentistry With Nitrous Oxide Can Help.

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It’s common to be anxious about dental work. Dental fear impacts about 1 in 7 Australian adults, so if you’re worried, you’re not alone.

Luckily, dental offices have taken steps to help their patients feel more comfortable. Many of them use sedation dentistry even for simple procedures. It might benefit you to ask your Bondi dentist about your sedation options.

The most popular type of sedation is nitrous oxide (otherwise known as “laughing gas”). How much do you know about nitrous oxide?

We’re here to talk about it so you can make an informed decision about your next dental visit. Keep reading to learn more.

Injectable Anaesthetics and Pain: What Happens?

All dentists use an injectable anaesthetic (local anaesthetic) to numb the area around the affected area. This goes down into the nerves and keeps the entire quadrant of the mouth that the dentist is working on numb enough to make the procedure tolerable.

Despite the painkilling effect of local anaesthetic, the initial injection is still painful for many patients. While it may seem like “just a pinch” for family dentistry professionals, people who are sensitive to pain, people with disabilities, and children may not be able to tolerate it.

For some people, a local anaesthetic isn’t enough to get rid of the pain.

Nitrous Oxide and Its Impact on Local Anaesthetic

Nitrous oxide is helpful when it comes to completing dental procedures in a less painful and stressful way. While nitrous oxide doesn’t cause the patient to go unconscious, it does allow them to stay in a dreamlike state.

The patient may not feel the initial injection at all, making the experience more tolerable. The patient will also go through the procedure often without noticing that it’s happening. Many people report that dental procedures seem to move faster when they’re under the influence of nitrous oxide.

People who receive nitrous oxide report lower pain scores overall.

The Effects of Nitrous Oxide on The Patient

Because of the lower pain levels that result from nitrous oxide, people experience less dental anxiety. They know that the procedure is nothing to fear and that nitrous oxide is safe.

Unlike other anaesthetic methods, nitrous oxide wears off almost immediately. The patient will receive oxygen through their mask and feel “normal” right after the procedure. This is helpful for patients who are unable to find someone to drive them to and from their appointments.

Sedation Dentistry With Nitrous Oxide Makes a Difference

For anyone who fears dental pain (and thus fears the dentist), nitrous oxide can be a game-changer. This safe and effective sedation method can result in lower pain scores and stress levels when combined with a local anaesthetic.

If you worry about the pain associated with your next dental procedure, talk to your dentist about sedation dentistry and nitrous oxide.

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