Keeping Calm: 3 Ways We Can Calm Your Dental Anxiety

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If you’ve ever felt anxious or nervous at the dentist, you are not alone.

Dental anxiety affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. However, your visits to the dentist are very important to your health and well-being so finding ways of managing dental anxiety is crucially important.

At The Bondi Dentists, we work with many people who require dental anxiety management. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible at every appointment. Here are three ways that we can help you calm your dental fear and anxiety.

1. Caring and Communication

One of the biggest sources of dental anxiety in patients is usually uncertainty about the procedure that is about to take place. Patients might be concerned about the pain involved in a procedure and possible side effects.

However, with a little bit of communication from the dentist, these fears disappear. Your Bondi Dentist will walk you through everything you need to know, whether it’s just the ins and outs of your regular cleaning or the more complex procedures involved in some dental emergencies. Your dentist is happy to answer all your questions, we understand it can mean a lot to patients when fear of the unknown is alleviated or removed.

We are also aware that some people do not wish to know too much detail about dentistry as it can be the trigger for anxiety, communicating this with your dentist is key in having a better dental experience.

In either case, we know how important it is to find the right dentist for dental anxiety. We want to show you we care about your comfort before, during, and after your treatment with us.

2. Consistency

One of the best ways we offer dental anxiety help is by providing a consistently excellent experience every time you call or visit. This way, you always know what to expect even after the very first visit.

We know that a healthy patient-doctor relationship is built on trust. When you can trust that we will always provide the highest quality of care every time you visit, some of your dental fear and anxiety will begin to go away.

3. Coping Techniques

Dental phobias and anxiety can vary in severity. This is why we also can provide a number of coping techniques you can try yourself to help soothe your anxiety before you even show up for your appointment.

Try practising relaxation techniques before your visit or even in the waiting room, such as meditation or simple breathing exercises. You might consider listening to music over noise-cancelling headphones in the waiting room to block out any unpleasant sounds (or even during the appointment if your dentist will allow it). Our patients are welcome to bring their own music and headphones so they can have the tool to relax with during appointments.

And once you show up to your appointment, don’t be afraid to tell your dentist about any anxieties you might be having. Our dentists and hygienists can work with you to find other coping techniques during your visit that will make your visit more pleasant.

Fighting Dental Anxiety Together

Dental anxiety is a common condition. But together, we can help you overcome your dental fear and anxiety so you can have a healthy, beautiful smile.

Your anxiety may never disappear completely, but we can work to make it tolerable so you know you are getting the care you deserve.

Looking for a dental anxiety dentist near me? Contact us to ask us a question or schedule an appointment with The Bondi Dentists today!