How to Ensure Your Child Has a Stress-Free Dental Visit

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Did you know that the average child has their first full set of primary teeth by the time that they are three?

These teeth will start to be replaced by adult teeth from the age of about six.

Both primary and adult teeth need looking after, so it’s important to have regular dental checkups. For some children, a visit to the dentist can be a daunting prospect.

Read on as we look at some simple but effective strategies to ensure that your child has a stress-free dental visit.

Talk Them Through It Before the Visit

If it’s your child’s first dental visit, they will have no idea what to expect.

Before your visit, talk to your child about what will happen during their visit. Explain to them that going to the dentist is something that everybody does, and tell them about your own (positive!) experiences.

By letting your child know what will happen, it can help to soothe some of their worries.

Consider Appointment Times

If your child is tired and cranky, then it’s unlikely they will have as stress-free a dental visit as they could have.

Try to book appointments for when you know your child won’t be feeling too tired. Morning appointments are usually a good choice, although this may not always be possible.

Try to avoid any activities before the visit that will get your child overexcited or wear them out too much. You want them to be as relaxed as possible when they arrive.

Bring a Distraction

As an adult, you’ll know that the anticipation of something you’re worried about is usually worse than actually going through with it.

The final few moments before children’s dental visits can produce the most stress, so bring along a distraction such as a book or favourite toy to help keep their minds occupied and stop them from worrying too much.

Choose the Right Dentist

A key part of keeping your child calm at the dentist is choosing the right practice.

A dentist who doesn’t have much experience with children may not have the skills to help to keep your child calm during their visit. An experienced family dentist should be able to keep your child calm and keep the visit stress-free. This means that the next time your child needs an appointment, they won’t be so worried. They will have positive memories of their previous visit.

We Can Help Provide a Stress-Free Dental Visit

If you’re looking for a stress-free dental visit then we here at The Bondi Dentists can help. At Bondi Dentists, Parents are encouraged to bring their kids along for a short introductory visit, one where the child can be shown this new dental environment but with no pressure of sitting in the chair or having any treatment at all: this is to build familiarity and trust. Appointments for examination and possible treatment can be scheduled from then on.

Also, Principal dentist Dr Michelle Ever Juan has well over a decade’s experience in general dentistry and can use that experience to help your child have a calm and stress-free dental visit. Michelle is dedicated to preventative and early intervention, which will help your child maintain good oral health throughout their lives.

Book an appointment with us today.