Dentistry for Children: The Top Dental Tips for Children

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Did you know that great oral health for life starts in childhood? Adopting positive dental habits early in life is crucial to maintaining them throughout adulthood.

But if you have little ones, you might know how tricky it can be to get them to love looking after their pearly whites. No worries: this is what our dentistry for children guide is there for. Read below to discover some easy and clever tips to help your kids feel more at ease when it comes to dental health.

Turn Toothbrushing Into Playtime

Brushing your child’s teeth can sometimes feel like an epic battle! So, why not turn it into an actual game? The options you have are endless.

You could incorporate songs (both existing ones or made-up ones), cuddly toys, a little dance, and more. Do you want to be sure that you’re brushing their teeth for the recommended two minutes? Buy a timer with a funny alarm noise and ask your child to keep brushing until they hear the sound!

Another great idea is to turn toothbrushing into a family-wide moment. Children love to imitate the grown-ups around them, so this is the perfect occasion to be a role model and show them how great it is to look after their teeth.

Swap Shop-Bought Snacks With Healthier Options

If you are serious about helping your kids have healthier teeth, then you need to look at what you feed them. Do they often have sugary snacks and drinks? Is their diet varied enough and does it provide them with all the necessary nutrients?

Begin by replacing some of their usual, sugar-rich snacks with more wholesome foods. You can either make them yourself or buy them from organic food stores. Little by little, your child will get used to the new flavours and it will be easier for you to remove the vast majority of sugary snacks and drinks in favour of healthier ones.

Visit Their Dentist Often

Even when your little one is not suffering from any particular dental problems, it’s still crucial to take them to see their dentist often. Why? For two main reasons.

First of all, during a regular check-up, a skilled dentist might spot some minor issues that neither you nor your child had noticed. This will enable you to take action quickly and prevent a small problem from turning into something more serious.

Second, going to the dentist’s office allows your child to get familiar with the environment and the people who work there. They will gain a better understanding of dental tools, treatments, terminology, and the sights and sounds of the place won’t feel so strange or scary.

Dentistry for Children: Our Easy, Essential Guide

Whether you wanted to improve some of your kid’s dental habits, or if you were looking for ways to completely revolutionise how they look after their teeth, we hope our dentistry for children guide helped.

And remember, if you’re looking for a kid-friendly dentist in the Bondi area, why not give us a call? We will be very happy to schedule an appointment for you and your child and answer any questions you may have.