Antibiotic Resistance in Dentistry: ADA Addresses the Problem

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Did you know that 11 percent of Australians are allergic to penicillin and 13 percent are allergic to multiple antibiotics? This creates a challenge within the dentistry community. It makes it harder to provide the best care against severe dental infections.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) is working to curve this issue and deal with antibiotic resistance.

But what is antibiotic resistance? What is the ADA doing to manage this dentist antibiotic concern? Let us look at some of the steps the ADA is taking.

What Is Antibiotic Resistance?

Antibiotic resistance is when germs like bacteria develop the ability to defeat the antibiotics meant to kill them. The bacteria evolve, becoming stronger and resistant to a particular kind of antibiotic.

The bacteria does not have to be resistant to many antibiotics for it to become a problem. Just being resistant to one can cause problems. People who have to turn to a second or third type of antibiotic are more at risk of adverse side effects.

Some procedures need to be paired with antibiotics and resistance can make this impossible.

In areas of the world where antibiotics can easily be acquired without prescriptions, the spread of resistance is worse. Even the prescribing of antibiotics for infections that have other solutions is leading to this mass issue.

Antibiotic resistance leads to longer hospital stays, higher medical costs, and increased mortality. It is an issue that affects people of any age and it is one of the most worrying of public health issues.

Dentist Antibiotic Concerns: WHO Pledge

The Australian Dental Association has signed the World Health Organisation (WHO) international pledge to solve this problem. It is an issue that results in 700,000 deaths each year globally. Antibiotic resistance does not only affect the dentistry industry but all other health sectors.

The pledge focuses on ensuring antibiotics are used responsibly and in moderation. This can help fight against the growing resistance to antibiotics like penicillin. At The Bondi Dentists, we take pride in being a member of The ADA and helping to bring this pledge of responsible antibiotics use to our patients.


We attend courses from the ADA which focus on dental prescribing and the use of antibiotics for dental infections. Our goal is to reach our patients with the appropriate information regarding prescription medications such as antibiotics and provide them the best information for safe and effective use.

One of the most important things that the ADA wants to encourage from its members is to treat infections with dental procedures instead of only focusing on prescribing antibiotics. Antibiotics should not be the first line of treatment for an infected tooth.

The ADA wants members to use antibiotics as an adjunct to dental treatments. They should not be replacements for the procedures that can remove the underlying cause of the infection.

Trust Experts in Dental Care

Dentist antibiotic concerns are issues we care about greatly at The Bondi Dentists. We are dedicated to providing the kind of treatment options that can fight against the growing issue of antibiotic resistance. You can depend on us for responsible and expert care.

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