3 Signs You Need a Root Canal

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Tens of millions of root canal procedures are performed globally every year. A root canal procedure works to clean out the decay and preserve an infected tooth. It may be necessary when bacteria invade the pulp located inside of a tooth, which often occurs when a cavity is left untreated.

A root canal procedure is safe and effective. It works to leave the natural tooth in place and prevent any further decay, though it does make the tooth more fragile (which is why it may be covered with a crown).

In this blog post, we will highlight 3 signs that you need a root canal procedure. These include persistent pain, sensitivity to cold and heat, and a loose tooth. Let’s get started.

1. Persistent Pain

One sign that you may require a root canal is persistent tooth pain, either a pain that is present at all times or one that goes away from time to time yet always returns. You could experience this pain in your face, deep in the bone of the affected tooth, in other teeth, or in your face.

Persistent pain is not a sure indicator that you require a root canal. It may be that there is another cause, such as a damaged filling or gum disease, though it is important to have it checked out by a dentist to determine the right course of treatment.

2. Sensitivity to Cold and Heat

If you notice that one of your teeth hurts either when eating or drinking something that is either hot or cold, you may need a root canal.

This sensitivity may feel either like a sharp pain or a dull ache and will linger for a prolonged period of time (even after finishing your meal). The cause of the sensitivity is likely an infection or damage to the nerves and blood vessels in the affected tooth.

3. Loose Tooth

An infected tooth may also feel looser than other teeth. It’s not necessarily a sign that you require a root canal as there are other possible causes, including pulpal necrosis, which is also known as nerve death. A swelling may also present on the gum next to your tooth

As we have mentioned above, it is important to schedule an appointment with a dentist in order to determine the specific cause of the issue and whether or not a root canal, or another type of treatment, is required.

Common Signs You Need a Root Canal

The good news, if you find out that you need a root canal, is that it is a relatively painless and highly effective procedure. Within a very short space of time, you will be back chewing, biting, and smiling.

Root canal treatments can be performed by a dentist or a dental specialist called an Endodontist. We are an experienced and well-regarded family dental practice located in Bondi Junction and we have cultivated relationships with the best root canal specialists in Sydney. If you are  worried whether your tooth requires a root canal or if it needs the protection of a crown after your root canal is completed, call us at 02 9389 0700 or click here to schedule an appointment.